Details for Legal Notice of Planned Improvement Des. No. 1800247 The Clinton

Legal Notice of Planned Improvement Des. No. 1800247

The Clinton County Board of Commissioners is planning to undertake a bridge replacement project for Clinton County Bridge No. 67 over South Fork of Wildcat Creek, approximately 0.20 mile west of CR 250 East and continuing west along CR 250 North for 0.189 mile, located in Clinton County.

The need for the project is evidenced by the ongoing deterioration to Clinton County Bridge No. 67. The purpose of this project is to perpetuate vehicular traffic over South Fork of Wildcat Creek at CR 250 North by increasing the sufficiency rating of Clinton County Bridge No. 67 to over 90.0 out of 100, and improving the existing sight-distance condition on the west approach.

The project proposes to replace the bridge with a continuous composite, prestressed concrete box beam bridge with three spans (39 feet, 42 feet, 39 feet respectively), a total length of 120 feet, an out-to-out width of 24.5 feet, and a clear roadway width of approximately 24 feet. The new bridge will consist of two 9-foot-wide through lanes bordered by 3-foot-wide concrete shoulders. The curved segment of CR 250 North, located northwest of the existing bridge, will be raised a maximum of 5 feet above the current grade to improve the steep (9%) grade and the substandard sight-distance conditions of the approach roadway. The new bridge will also be shifted 6 feet to the south to minimize impacts to wetlands.

Guardrail will be installed along CR 250 North approaching the bridge in all four quadrants. Further, a full depth replacement of the roadway approaches along CR 250 North will occur. The project length is approximately 1,100 feet.

Stormwater will continue to be facilitated by open roadside ditches. New stormwater pipes and riprap will be installed for scour protection. The proposed 2:1 spill slopes will be excavated to a depth of 1.5 feet for geotextile fabric and riprap placement. Piles will be driven for each pier. The contractor should be able to build each pier from the nearby bank, so temporary causeways should not be necessary.

The maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan for this project will require a detour utilizing CR 300 East, CR 300 North, and CR 130 East and will be in place for approximately 6 months. The detour length will be approximately 4.2 miles in length and 7 minutes in length for a round trip. No properties will become inaccessible from this MOT plan. The project is anticipated to begin during the Fall of 2022. Construction of the project will require approximately 1.372 acres of new permanent right-of-way acquisition (ROW) and 0.046 acre of temporary ROW acquisition. The cost associated with this project is approximately $1,481,625.00, which includes preliminary engineering, right-of-way, and construction, and will utilize both federal and local funds.

The FHWA and INDOT have agreed this project falls within the guidelines of a Categorical Exclusion (CE) Level 2 environmental document with no significant impacts to wetlands. Preliminary design plans along with the CE are available for review at the Clinton County Highway Department at 2095 Burlington Avenue Frankfort, IN 46041.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), persons and/or groups requiring project information be made available in alternative formats are encouraged to contact the Clinton County office of the ADA Coordinator for the arrangement and coordination of services. Please contact of the ADA Coordinator, Theresa Martin, at 765-659-6309 or In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, persons and/or groups requiring project information be made available in another language are encouraged to contact the Clinton County Board of Commissioners.

Persons with limited internet service and/or access may request a copy of the Draft CE document or project information be mailed to them. Please contact Brittney Layton, Butler, Fairman, & Seufert, Inc., 8450 Westfield Blvd. Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46240, or to 317-713-4615, or to

All interested persons may request a public hearing be held, and/or express their concerns by submitting comments to the attention of Brittney Layton, Butler, Fairman, & Seufert, Inc., 8450 Westfield Blvd. Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46240, 317-713-4615, or to on or before November 1, 2020.

This notice is published in compliance with: 1) Code of Federal Regulations, Title 23, Section 771 (CFR 771.111(h)(1) stating, “Each State must have procedures approved by the FHWA to carry out a public involvement/public hearing program.”; 2) 23 CFR 450.210(a)(1)(ix) stating, “Provide for the periodic review of the effectiveness of the public involvement process to ensure that the process provides full and open access to all interested parties and revise the process, as appropriate.”; and 3) The INDOT Public Involvement Policies and Procedures approved by the Federal Highway Administration on August 16, 2012.

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