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Parkview to be temporary shelter for Center Township

BY SHARON BARDONNER - sbardonner@ftimes.com

The Clinton County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved an interlocal agreement between the county’s Parkview Home and Center Township for Parkview to provide temporary housing for Center Township residents needing shelter.

The idea sprang out of discussions between officials with the City of Frankfort, Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans and and other local officials concerned with finding shelter for homeless individuals during deadly cold spells.

One suggestion was to use Parkview Home as a facility not just when the weather threatens lives but year round when temporary housing is needed. 

Parkview Administrator Chris Overman was open to the idea but wanted to ensure that individuals placed at Parkview by Center Township were vetted through the same process that Overman puts every potential Parkview resident goes through.

According to Evans, the agreement calls for Center Township to pay Parkview a determined amount for a township resident’s stay. 

Evans said these individuals are required to meet the same qualifications as other township assistance applicants are – they are interviewed and asked if they are working, about their educational status and any income, such as disability, among other information gathered.

If an individual has income, then he or she will pay whatever portion of the Parkview fee they can, Evans explained.

It is Center Township’s intention to help anyone requesting assistance to find long-term solutions to their financial and housing situations rather than rely on a series of temporary fixes, said Evans. 

“Does it make sense for us to look at this for all the townships?” Commissioner Steve Woods asked of Overman, who said he had already had another trustee contact him about the arrangement. 

Overman suggested that the contract be altered as needed to allow other townships the same opportunity if the county OKs it.

Commissioner Scott Shoemaker also advised that Parkview refuse admission or evict anyone posing problems.

“In my four years, I’ve only had to ask one guy to leave, for alcohol, which isn’t allowed,” Overman said. 

“Any assessment we do, whether someone’s indigent or disabled, is the same assessment. Parkview is not going to become the Main Hotel,” he stated, noting that he uses a couple of different databases to conduct background checks on applicants.

Overman also said the interlocal agreement provided the teeth he needed to work with Center Township applicants. 

“I want to help these people out but I don’t want us to become a destination,” said Commissioner President Josh Uitts.

Overman related that Parkview recently admitted three new individuals from the community – who had been living at the Main Hotel. 

“All have been there at least 10 days, some a month, and there have been no problems,” he said.