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Earhart portrayer to land at Women's Expo

EARHART: Award-winning actress Leslie Goddard will portray Amelia Earhart at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Skanta Theatre as part of the the Frankfort Community Public Library’s 2018 Women’s Expo.

BY SHARON BARDONNER - sbardonner@ftimes.com

Those inspired by the life of aviator Amelia Earhart have an opportunity Saturday to see Leslie Goddard bring Earhart to life with her one-woman portrayal of the pioneering pilot.

Goddard will perform her first-person enactment of Earhart at 10 a.m. March 17 in the Elizabeth O’Rear Skanta Theatre as part of the Frankfort Community Public Library’s 2018 Women’s Expo.

Goddard’s performance at the Expo is sponsored by the Captain Harmon Aughe Chapter of the DAR.

Earhart was an international celebrity in the early 20th century due to her piloting feats - as a female. In 1928, she became the first women to pilot an airplane across the Atlantic and four years later she was the first female to fly across the same ocean solo.

According to Goddard’s web site, her portrayal of one of America’s most admired women in history provides audience members with insights into how Earhart learned to fly, what inspired her to be a risk-taker and why she decided to embark on the flight around the world that led to her disappearance in 1937.

In addition to portraying Earhart, Goddard also dresses in authentic period costumes to bring other famous women to life, includng suffragist Alice Paul, environmentalist Rachel Carson, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Violet Jessop, a stewardess who survived the sinking of the Titantic.

Recently, Goddard has also added author Louisa May Alcott and artist George O’Keeffe to her repertoire.

Goddard is an award-winning actress and holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in American Studies and U.S. History along with a master’s degree in Theater.

The 45-minute show is free and open to the public.