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Candidate for commissioner presents views

Candidate for commissioner presents views

My name is Richelle Lutz. I have chosen to run in the upcoming primary for Clinton County Commissioner District 3.

My family has been in Clinton County since 1830, plotting out 80 acres in what is now commonly known as Boyleston. I live in the home my great-great-grandfather owned.

The house was an original log home that was moved in 1897 from Frankfort to its current site by horses when my great-grandfather and his new bride first took up housekeeping.

My grandfather and my mother were born here. I raised my son here.

My family has been ingrained in this county since its inception. I graduated from Frankfort High School in 1972.

I moved back to Clinton County in 1995 because I missed my home and I wanted to raise my son here.

I said all that to say I have an embedded interest in what happens in Frankfort and Clinton County.

I am tired of politicians working so hard to make a legacy for themselves or who are in office to serve their own needs and the needs of “the powers that be.”

I am totally against wind farming in Clinton County. Money “promised” is not money in the bank. I was on the panel in 2012 that, along with the commissioners, stopped wind farming completely.

I was also part of the group effort to stop then-Commissioner Mike Beard from paving his own road at the county’s cost.

I do not feel the City (of Frankfort) or the county wins when municipal employees are allowed to sit on county boards, whether elected or appointed. The state legislature stopped municipal employees from sitting on municipal boards. Now we need legislation to stop municipal employees from sitting on county boards.

I am opposed to family “legacy” appointed and elected positions. In city and county government today, there are many family members representing both entities of local government.

I want the city and county to work together to build a “professional” drug, alcohol rehabilitation center.

One more “park” for children to find used syringes and condoms in is not what this drug- and alcohol-infested county needs.

I realize, if elected, I will only be one voice. However, as the song goes, “It only takes a spark to get a fire burning.”

Please consider me for commissioner as many constituents in Clinton County are ready for change.

Richelle Lutz