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Man charged with domestic battery

BY SHARON BARDONNER - sbardonner@ftimes.com

Sgt. Evan Hall of the Frankfort Police Department was the first officer responding to a complaint of domestic battery in the 700 block of Magnolia Avenue Thursday. There he found the alleged victim sitting on the front porch in tears, holding a wash cloth over her forehead.

The woman had reported to Clinton County Central Dispatch that her boyfriend, John E. Schoen Jr., 27, had hit her in the head with a wine bottle, according to the court affidavit filed July 5 in Clinton Circuit Court. 

Schoen told Hall that he had accidently hit his girlfriend in the head with the wine bottle, which contained margarita mix. He related to Hall that the couple had been drinking, and each had consumed about three beers and some margaritas throughout the evening. 

Schoen said he wanted the complainant to stop drinking, and they both grabbed for the bottle at the same time. During the altercation, based on Schoen’s statement to Hall, “he accidently swung up and struck (her) in the face with the wine bottle.”

The suspect bore no marks or signs of injury.

Hall spoke with the complainant while she was being treated in the Clinton County EMS ambulance for a head laceration.

She said some information Schoen had shared about her to Hall was not true and told Hall she believed the blow from Schoen was “100 percent intentional,” the affidavit detailed

When interviewed at the scene also by FPD Patrolman Mitchell Cottrell, the woman said she and her family had been swimming, and Schoen and she had been drinking. Her account was that she took the wine bottle from him and he took it back and struck her in the head with it, the court document said.

She also asked officers to check on her children inside the home and said their son had seen the altercation because it happened in front of him, reported the court affidavit.

Schoen was charged with domestic battery in the presence of a child less than 14 years of age, a Level 6 felony. He pled not guilty in Clinton Circuit Court and has a trial date set for Sept. 25.