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Tate formally declares candidacy

By Katharine Calabro - kcalabro@ftimes.com

Local Frankfort resident James Tate publicly announced his official run for City Council yesterday evening at Old Stoney.

Tate is running at large, meaning all residents in the city of Frankfort have the opportunity to vote on his behalf.

The 28 year-old candidate got inspired to run for council after the city and its taxpayers requested more transparency in regards to city funds. Tate said his last name may be a tip-off as his father, Jim Tate, is the former Humane Society director.

Back in August, Jim Tate was terminated after not meeting a list of expectations from general management of the shelter. The list, which was given to him on a Monday, was to act as an improvement plan, but he was fired just four days later.

Over the course of the last few months, James Tate said the issue with his father led him to attend city meetings and made him realize that this issue is among other issues that need to be addressed.

While Tate feels bad about the issue between the Humane Society and his father, he said he has done what he can to help the fix the situation, but the issue has led to other demands.

“I want it to be where people shouldn’t have to come and demand different councils; city or county, and demand there be more transparency,” he said. “I want that transparency to begin with.”

Tate said he realized people should be concerned and hold all leaders accountable for where spending goes, not just for the Humane Society. Although he doesn’t want to call it advertisement, he wants people to know these meetings are open to the public for a reason.

“We are entrusting these people with our tax dollars and the (dispensing) of those monies wherever they go,” Tate said.

Tate describes himself as a simple, blue-collar worker with no political background or agenda. His main focus wants to be on issues happening in the community, and he said he might be able to offer a different perspective.

“I’m not here to downtalk or bad mouth anyone, but I think in all forms of government there should be a time where a fresh set of eyes comes in and maybe tries things and find things that can be tweaked,” Tate said.

Though Tate didn’t touch on specifics, he said attending meetings and talking with different councilmen inspired him to be part of local government. He said he would like to be part of improving issues within Frankfort.

This was the canidates first announcement, as he has kept his running close to the chest.

“I wanted to wait and do things on my own terms,” Tate said.