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Remaly approved as next CC superintendent

NEW SUPER: Clinton Central School Corp. Superintendent Ralph Walker, left, shakes hands with Clinton Central High School Principal Al Remaly, who was approved as the corporation’s next superintendent during Monday’s regular board meeting. Remaly begins work as the superintendent on July 1.

By AARON KENNEDY - akennedy@ftimes.com

Current Clinton Central High School principal Al Remaly was announced as the Clinton County School Corporation’s next superintendent after receiving approval from the school board at its regular meeting Monday at Michigantown.

Remaly will begin work in his new role on July 1, after current superintendent Ralph Wilson’s contract expires. Wilson is in the fourth year of his most recent stint as the corporation’s superintendent.

“I think Mr. Walker set a great vision for our school,” Remaly said. “That vision, in my mind, was to turn Clinton Central around – not only financially, but educationally. We have made great strides, so everybody want to keep it going.

“Our corporation has made great progress in the last there years,” he added. “We are doing a lot of great things. The teachers are working extremely hard to meet the needs of the kids. My goal it so to keep this momentum going.”

Remaly says he came to Clinton Central three years ago with the intention of eventually becoming superintendent.

“We had talked about me hopefully going into that position,” he said. “I went through the process, and they chose me. So, I am super excited about that.”

Remaly is a veteran administrator who has worked at six different schools corporations in the area.

“I have 19 years of experience as a principal at various corporations in the area,” he said. “I have been a middle school and high school principal, and I spent two years at the central office in Kokomo. Now, I am at the point of my career where I am ready to make that next step. I am pretty excited to be taking over.”

Immediately after Monday’s board meeting, cookies and punch were served at a reception for the new superintendent.

“I was fortunate enough to have my daughter, Alyssa, with me,” Remaly said. “About 30 people showed up, and most were teachers. It was great to see them supporting the new superintendent.”

Walked says that he is very happy that the board chose to pick Remaly.

“I think he has a lot of really great potential as a leader,” Walker said. “We have been able to work together successfully here for thee years, and I think he will work hard to move us to a higher level than we already are. Hopefully, we will be able to get the entire corp to an ‘A.’”

Walker came out of retirement to work again as the corporation’s superintendent three years and three months ago.

“When I arrived, the corporation was $1.1 million in the red,” Walker said. “Recently, we had $3.1 million in the bank in cash, so I feel like I have helped there. The elementary was an ‘F’ and now they are an ‘A,’ so I think Clinton Central is headed in the right direction. I may help oversee the finances with Al if he wants that, but it is time for me to retire again.

“I am actually going to be the director for MASE Health Insurance Trust, which is 22 schools and Clinton Central is currently a part of,” he added.