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Weeds and grass ordinance amended by council

Times staff - news@ftimes.com

The Frankfort City Common Council unanimously approved two ordinances on their third readings at its regular meeting Monday evening at Old Stoney. The two ordinances, 19-05 and 19-06, amend section 96.26 of the Municipal Code of the city of Frankfort. According to a release sent by the Frankfort Police Department, the amended code will “allow for more expeditious enforcement and removal of excessively overgrown weeds and grass.”

“In January, the City Code Enforcement division was transitioned to the police department,” FPD Chief Troy Bacon said. “As a result, several city ordinances needed to be amended to accommodate the change, including the noxious weed ordinance.”

Under the newly amended ordinance, when Code Enforcement officers identify noxious weeds or grass violations and notify the landowner, landowners now have five days from the date of the notice being served to correct the ordinance violation instead of 10. After five days have passed, city mowing crews will cut the grass at the landowner’s expense.

“Reducing the time a landowner or tenant has to correct the violation will cut down on unwanted rodents and mosquitoes living in the weeds and grass,” Bacon said. “It will also stop a small problem from growing into a much larger one and help alleviate visual blight in a neighborhood.

“As a reminder, grass exceeding seven inches in height violates the ordinance and will be enforced by Code Enforcement Officers,” he added.

Other changes to the ordinance include expanding the method of violation notifications and delivery for Code Enforcement Officers. Property owners who dispute a violation notice may appeal the notice by filing a written notice of appeal with the Frankfort Police Department no later than five days after such notice is served.

Ordinance violation fines and penalties were not amended.