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Domestic disturbance leads to arrest of Frankfort man

Times staff

A Frankfort resident faces additional charges for being in possession of firearm as a serious violent felon after his arrest on a warrant early Thursday from an investigation of a possible domestic situation on July 6.

Roberto Javier Maldonado Jr., 45, remained held on $1,800 bond and faces charges in Clinton Circuit Court related to his arrest and a previous matter. 

A probable cause affidavit filed by Clinton County Prosecutor's Office Investigator Glenn Wilson notes that Frankfort Police Department Lt. Brady Sorrells and other officers responded to a reported domestic disturbance on the 700 block of North Columbia Street on July 6. Dispatch updated officers that a male voice said that “he had a gun and would kill himself,” according to the affidavit.

It adds that officers knew that Maldonado and a female resided at the location from previous encounters. Upon arrival, Sorrells could hear the argument from the street and knew “that Roberto had recently been arrested for Unlawful Possession of Firearm by Serious Violent Felon,” it adds.

Because of this knowledge, units established a perimeter and another officer attempted contact at the front door, with both Maldonado and the woman eventually leaving the residence. Neither said they contacted 911, but the woman said “she felt trapped and just wanted to get out of the house” and “that she realized her phone has an SOS feature which she accidently activated.”

She told police that she did not remember Maldonado saying anything about a gun or killing himself, according to the affidavit.

The report alleges that Maldonado gave consent to Sorrells to do a protective sweep to ensure that no others were in the residence. Along with many items knocked down, the search found “on the floor, in plain view, … a black bolt action rifle” with a live round that Sorrells later cleared for safety.

Both parties told officers that no battery occurred, according to the affidavit.

“Roberto acknowledged that he knew he could not be in possession of” the rifle, but “referenced (the woman) needing to defend herself,” it adds. The female resident told police that “no one owned the gun.”

The affidavit states that Maldonado “freely admitted to Sorrells that he was convicted of aggravated robbery in Texas, where he spent 12 years in prison.” Sorrells took Maldonado into custody based on this information and his knowledge that he was recently arrested for the same possession offense.

On June 11, Maldonado was arrested following a traffic stop where he was found to be in possession of a loaded Hi-point .380 pistol. Prior to that stop, a detective testified by affidavit that a search warrant for the Columbia Street address located a .22-caliber Winchester rifle and an unloaded 50-caliber muzzle loader, as well as a .22 rifle with a scope.

The affidavit notes that Maldonado told the detective that all the guns were his both in the residence and vehicle.

A staff member at the Clinton County Clerk's Office noted that an initial hearing for Maldonado was vacated on July 10 prior to arrest. A pre-trial conference was set for Sept. 26 as the next matter on the case's agenda.