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Long hired as FHS principal

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PRINCIPAL LONG: New Frankfort High School principal Cindy Long poses for a photo with, from left, her husband, Justin; her daughter, Jarah; and her son, Jason, moments after being unanimously approved by the Community Schools of Frankfort school board.
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BACK TO SCHOOL: A local mother drops her kids off at Blue Ridge Elementary School in Frankfort. Wednesday was the first day of school for the Community Schools of Frankfort.
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DROP OFF: Parents drop their children off at Blue Ridge Elementary during the first day of school Wednesday morning in Frankfort.

By AARON KENNEDY - akennedy@ftimes.com

The hiring of Cindy Long as the new principal at Frankfort High School was unanimously approved by the Community Schools of Frankfort school board during a special session Tuesday – about 14 hours before over 3,000 students in the district showed up for their first day of school.

Long worked as the assistant principal at FHS over the last two school years. During that time, she worked alongside former FHS principal Steve Edwards, who accepted a job offer from Western High School last week.

“We decided not to put an interim tag on her, and we decided not to post the job,” said CSF Superintendent Don DeWeese. “Once we heard that Steve Edwards was offered a job at Western, we just started thinking about what process we wanted to use. And, of course, Cindy's name comes right to mind. We have seen an incredible amount of growth in her leadership skills over the last two years since she has been an assistant principal. We were not going to get anyone (else) with the skills and knowledge of Frankfort High School, so it became a no-brainer that Cindy Long was our person.”

After the special session adjourned, Long expressed excitement as well as her appreciation for Edwards, who had worked in the school for eight years.

“It is an awesome opportunity to help lead my community to great places and help kids achieve everything that they could ever dream of,” Long said. “Steve was always wonderful about giving opportunities to lead and work through initiatives. He was always really good at listening to ideas. It certainly is a big difference to move down the hall to the next office.”

DeWeese was also appreciative of what Edwards has done for FHS.

“We are so pleased,” DeWeese said. “We were not surprised that someone was offering him a position because he has positioned Frankfort High School in a great place right now. In our five schools, Frankfort High School has one of our best cultures and climates in it, and we feel that Steve's leadership has done that. So, whenever there are people out there who are hunting for a principal to do that kind of work, it doesn't surprises us that they were looking for Steve Edwards.”

A graduate of FHS, Long taught in Frankfort for 16 years before taking her first administration job.

“I couldn't have wished it to happen any other way,” she said. “I taught here for 16 years and never really thought I would go into administration. The opportunity came up, and some good friends that now work at some other county schools were also traveling down that road. I tried it out, went to Western for one year and then immediately came back to Frankfort as soon as that opportunity arose. I was able to be here to help lead my community. It is really special to live here, to work here and to serve here.”

Joining Long at the special session were her husband of 10 years, Justin; her son, Jason, who had his first day as a fourth grader at Green Meadows on Wednesday; and her daughter, Jarah, a second grader at Blue Ridge.

After the Tuesday evening meeting, Long said that herself and everyone else at FHS was ready for the first day of school the following morning.

“We are ready to go,” she said. “We have a great plan. We have had lots of freshmen-orientation meetings already, and we are ready. I am really excited. It is going to be a great year.”