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County donates $50,000 to One80

COUNTY BACKING: Clinton County donated$50,000 to One80 Recovery Resouces on Friday morning at the Clinton County Courthouse. Posing for a photo during the check presentation are, from left, county councilman Ron Gascho, county councilman Jake Myers, county commissioner Steve Woods, One80 Recovery Resources treasurer Larry Glass, county council president Alan Dunn, One80chairman of the board Rich Reck, and county councilman Clark Beard.

By AARON KENNEDY - akennedy@ftimes.com

One80 Recovery Resources were presented with a $50,000 check from Clinton County on Friday morning after approval from both the Clinton County Council and the Clinton County Commissioners.

A not-for-profit 501(c)(3) faith-based organization headquartered in Frankfort, One80 Recovery Resources is a 9-12 month sober-living home and community. The One80 program is designed to provide mental health counseling and treatment, vocational training and job placement, personal life coaching and accountability, financial management training, relationship support and family recovery. One80 previously received a $100,000 donation from the city of Frankfort, and it plans on breaking ground on a sober-living facility for men on property donated by Bailey's Trucking in Frankfort's industrial park.

“I think this was an easy decision for the council because when you look at it from a 35,000-foot level, we are spending this money anyway, whether it is on incarceration costs or community corrections,” said Clinton Council President Alan Dunn. “The downsides to opioid addiction reverberate through the community and cost the taxpayers money as we try to deal with those issues. So, if we can deal with it in a preventative way, get somebody help and get them on the road to recovery, that is just going to be a cost savings to the county's budget.

“As a council, we didn't look at this as an expenditure,” Dunn added. “This was an investment that we expect to get a significant return on over time. The other really important aspect of this is that it is an important workforce development program. One of the things that we struggle with in economic development is that we have lots of people wanting to bring jobs here, but we don't have the workers to fill those jobs. So, doing a program like this where part of the requirement is that the individual has to be in a work environment – they get placed in a job at a local facility – that is just going to help us on the workforce development side too. So, it is kind of a double win for the county.”

Larry Glass, the treasurer for One80 Recovery Resources, was pleased to receive the support of the county government.

“It is terribly important to us to have the county and the city supporting us because that helps other people to realize the problem that we have and that this is a solution,” Glass said. “So, for the county to come on board like this and help us out is a tremendous asset, and it is wonderful that they would be able to give us this kind of a gift.”

In the past week of August, seven gas stations in Clinton County donated 2 cents per gallon to One80.

“From what I understand, it went really well,” Glass said. “We don't have the numbers back yet from the gas stations, but again it is because of the city and the county's support that we have all of these other people coming on board.

“We have another one coming too,” Glass added. “It is a $1,000 check that Shan Sheridan is going to be giving us. Kids in Vacation Bible School went together and collected $1,000 to give to us, and we are hopefully going to get that soon. That just opens up our eyes and our hearts to the community and to what everybody is trying to do for One80 Recovery Resources to get underway and get ground broken.”

Already a supporter of One80's program, Clinton County Commissioner Steve Woods became even more convinced of its potential benefits after visiting the White House with other county officials from across the Midwest.

“We do believe this is the best thing we can do,” Woods said. “After visiting the White House two weeks ago, this was one of the foremost things on their mind – how do we take care of our opioid problem and other drug and alcohol problems? Our community is already doing this in advance of what the nation is saying we need to go to. So, we are hoping to see here in the future from the conversations that we had in Washington that more monies may come available for this. We will be watching for that and searching for more money ourselves. If we can free up budgeted money and not have to tax anything new, we will do that because it is the best thing we can do. Our jail costs constantly go up, and this is the best way to subside that.”

Rich Reck, chairman of the board for One80 Recovery Resources, was appreciative of the local officials who spoke in support of the program last month.

“One80 really appreciates the county's involvement in the One80 program,” Reck said. “We met with the county council last month and were able to present our One80 mission. There was some Q and A, and it didn't take the council very long to realize that they weren't making a donation of $50,000 to One80, they were actually making an investment in the One80 program.

“This investment will help them with the overcrowding at the county jail,” Reck added. “(Sheriff) Rich Kelly stood up and spoke on the behalf of One80. Rodney Wann at the Department of Health expressed that the investment on the front end of this process is going to save the county many dollars on the back end of the program. So, we were just really happy that the county engaged in our program and provided us with the $50,000 donation.”

One80 will continue to raise funds for its capital project to construct the new One80 Sober Living Home on Roy Scott Parkway.

“We have applied for a federal home loan grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank in Indianapolis, and it is for $500,000,” Glass said. “When we get that, we will be about $150,000 short, but we know that we are going to be able to have that. We are planning on breaking ground sometime early next year. Even if we have to get a loan from the bank, we will break ground and get this going.

“We cannot do this without God,” Glass added.