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City looks to preserve its streets

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DEMONSTRATION: MeMe Crislip, vice president of business development for Rejuv-Tec, speaks to city officials during Thursday’s demonstration on S. HokeAve.
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PRESERVATION: A RejuvTec truck sprays the southern end of Hoke Avenue during Thursday’s demonstration in Frankfort.

By AARON KENNEDY - akennedy@ftimes.com

City officials from the common council, the Board of Public Works and Safety, and the Frankfort Street Department gathered along the southern end of Hoke Ave. to witness a demonstration of RejuvTec’s asphalt preservative sealant.

The Frankfort Street Department is considering using RejuvTec’s product in hopes of adding 5-7 years of life to streets that are rated at a particular Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating or PASER. The PASER scale is a 1-10 rating system for road pavement condition developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Information Center.

“It is pavement preservation,” said MeMe Crislip, the vice president of business development for RejuvTec. “So, it is top-of-the-curve keeping your good roads good. That is really what our goal is. So, the product we are putting down today is called Reclaimite©, and it is an asphalt rejuvenator. It penetrates into the asphalt and takes 30-45 minutes to cure, and then we do a light sanding over it. What happens is, it is actually the binder that is put back into the asphalt. So, when asphalt starts to age, you see the start of cracking and the deterioration based on UV rays and construction variable when you are putting asphalt down.”

The product is made for asphalt that is around a PASER rating of 6 or 7.

“We are looking for an asphalt that is three or four years old, maybe – anything that is a PASER 7 or above,” Crislip said. “When we look at a pice of aslphant and see those first signs of cracking, that means that UV rays have taken their toll., So, to slow that process, you want to put a rejuvenator in to restore that binder and extend the service life.”

Street Department Superintendent Jason Forsythe says the city has been talking about using the sealant on its streets for several years.

“When they lay it down, it actually lays down a pink color and goes into the surface of the roadway,” Forsythe said. “It expands and extends the life of that road. It keeps the good roads good. It extends that level 7 rated road for another seven, eight, nine years down the road for a fraction of the cost of milling and resurfacing. For instance, this year we have done about $700,000 in milling and resurfacing on roads that are rated 1,2 or 3 here in town. We will still have to do that because you can’t put Reclaimite© usually rated less than a five. We will still have to do milling and resurface, but it is about $125,000 a mile, while this is about $15,000 a mile to lay it down. It doesn’t raise that seven to a t10 but it does preserve that 7 for another seven or eight year down the road, so you can start concentrating on using money to bring those bad road back in town back up where yo need them.”

With a section of S. Hoke Ave. now coated with Reclaimite©, Forsythe says that the effects may become apparent during the next PASER ratings in Frankfort.

Crislip says that her company’s product has been used in Lebanon, Hamilton County and Avon as well as other places throughout Indiana.