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Haunted House opens tonight

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CREEPY CHARACTERS: Three members of 7 Lights of Trepidation pose for a photo in their haunted house at 1501 Burlington Ave. in Frankfort.
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FRIGHTS: Shocks, shrieks and freaks await those who walk through the 7 Lights of Trepidation Haunted House, which opens its creaky doors tonight.
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LITTLE MONSTERS: Many volunteers are helping at the haunted house, including a few young participants like Story Davis, above.
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TREPIDATION: The seven members of 7 Lights of Trepidation are Brian Brocklehurst, Kyle Bruton, Jennifer Davis, Beth Herrick, Shawn Herrick, Brad Sanders and Erin Wyrick.
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SCARE: A ghoulpeeks out of its coffin in the 7 Lights of Trepidation Haunted House.

By AARON KENNEDY - akennedy@ftimes.com

After about two-and-a-half months of preparation, 7 Lights of Trepidation is ready to scare thrill-seekers who dare enter the group’s haunted house, which opens tonight from 6-11 p.m. at 1501 Burlington Ave. in Frankfort. The haunted house will also open from 6-11 p.m. on Oct. 12, 18 and 19 at a cost of $5 per child and $5 per adult. The entry to the haunted house is on the east side of the building.

Comprised of a committee of Brian Brocklehurst, Kyle Bruton, Jennifer Davis, Beth Herrick, Shawn Herrick, Brad Sanders and Erin Wyrick, 7 Lights of Trepidation is a mix of horror fans and artists who decided to join forces to scare the wits out of area residents in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

“The seven members make up the committee,” said Brad Sanders, who is working on his fifth haunted house in the basement of the County Home. “There is no one person in charge. Everything goes through a committee. And we have about 10 actors in addition to us.”

“We have a couple teenagers and a couple little kids,” said Jennifer Davis, who is working in her third haunted house at this location. “We have a couple who are going to help in that age range.”

There will also be a group of teens from the Learning Network who are volunteering at the haunted house.

“We haven’t met them yet,” Davis said. “We will have a meet and greet beforehand. They will take care of traffic and one will be in a room at the end (of the haunted house). We have a pretty good mix of ages.”

Davis said that planning for the haunted house began in August, and materials began being moved into the basement in September.

Sanders, who grew up watching Sammy Terry, has always been a horror fan.

“I grew up with Sammy Terry, and then I fell into horror shows,” Sanders said. “I have been to Horror Hound, Days of the Dead and all of those (conventions) they put on. You go there and see the masks and say ‘Wow. I want to learn how to do that.’”

Others, like Wyrick and Davis, joined to lend their artistic talents.

“My first horror show was this year,” Davis said. “I am not a horror fan. I am a creative fan. So, it is a different kind of an outlet. We have a good mix. Everybody here has a different strength, and it has been a good group to have come in and work toward the same thing.”

Sanders claims that the county home is actually haunted.

“The guy who was with us led a paranormal group, and we actually did an investigation proving that this place was haunted,” Sanders said.

For those who think that the full experience offered by the haunted house is a little too intense for them, there is a no-scare option.

“We walk them through a guided flashlight tour,” Davis said. “Everybody who can unmask will unmask, come out, say ‘hi,’ make their presence known and try to be friendly as possible for the folk who don’t want to be scared. So, there is no scaring on that tour at all.”

And then Sanders has advice for those who want the full haunted house experience.

“Wear Depends because the chain’s off and we are coming at you,” Sanders said.

Proceeds from the haunted house go to help the Christmas and Thanksgiving fund for the residents of the County Home.

“It is the extra for their Christmas gifts, dinners and things like that,” Davis said. “It’s for the people here. I know, this year, we have had a lot of residents coming down the stairs to see what is going on, which is nice. We hope it stays that way.”