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Roadway safety tips from State Police

Times staff - news@ftimes.com

It’s that time of year when the snow and ice are going to affect the road conditions and the Indiana State Police would like to remind those traveling the roadways of a few safety tips to help your vehicles from sliding.

Prior to pulling out of the driveway, make sure to clear all windows of ice, snow, or debris. To maximize the traction a vehicle will have with the surface of the road, check the tire pressure to ensure that they are inflated to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Leaving extra time and heading to a destination earlier than you normal do is also recommended.

Adjusting speeds to fit the road conditions is one of the most important actions drivers can take to keep themselves and those around them safer. Slowing down to below the speed limit is encouraged when the roads become snow and/or ice-covered. Also, it is advised to create distance between vehicles, which will create more stopping distance in cases where sudden braking is needed.

By using these tips and a little common sense, drivers can decrease their chances of becoming one of many that will be involved in a fender bender during these cold months.

For up-to-date road and weather information, motorists are encouraged to tune to local television and/or radio stations. Another source of information is the National Weather Service; this link www.crh.noaa.gov/ind/ will take visitors directly to the current Indiana weather information.

Motorists may also contact the Indiana Department of Transportation Road and Weather line at (800) 261-7623 or visit the Indiana Department of Transportation website at www.trafficwise.in.gov.