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SHARP reports on success of the 2019 grant season

Times staff - news@ftimes.com

The Senior Homeowner Assistance for Repairs Program, or SHARP, has reported a 40 percent increase in homes awarded grants during the 2019 grant season when compared to 2018.

“It is wonderful to see the increase each year in the number of homeowners we help,” said Tom Jameson, the administrator of the program. “Most of the grant recipients live on a fixed income and do not have the means to take care of larger expenses such as roofs, windows, and HVAC. The partnership between the City of Frankfort, Clinton County, The Farmers Bank, and The Federal Home Loan Bank makes these successes possible.”

SHARP is a cooperative effort between the City of Frankfort, Clinton County Commissioners, The Farmers Bank, and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. The purpose of SHARP is to help qualified senior citizen homeowners address higher cost maintenance items such as roofs, windows, heating and air conditioning systems. Also, grants may be used to make accessibility modifications such as handicapped showers and access ramps. Since 2017, the SHARP program has assisted 42 homes in Frankfort and received $318,159 in funding.

In the city of Frankfort, $158,797 was awarded in 2019, and 36 projects were completed with 21 homes in the city of Frankfort receiving assistance.

“In 2019, the city’s investment in this program was $6,260.81,” said Mayor Chris McBarnes. “In return, our homeowners received the benefit of $158,797 in grants. The return on our investment has been tremendous both in dollars granted and in the repair and rehabilitation of homes in our community. These grants make a meaningful difference in the condition of each home, allow homeowners to age in place, and improves neighborhoods and the community.”

This year, residents who live outside of city limits in Clinton County also became eligible to participate in the SHARP program. Though the county program, $65,615 was awarded in 2019, with 12 projects completed and nine households receiving assistance. County Commissioners Steve Woods, Josh Uitts and Scott Shoemaker are pleased to see the success the county has had in utilizing this program.

“This year we had nine homeowners who benefited from this grant process,” said Commissioner Woods. “Our goal in 2020 is to see that number double. We would like to see 15 to 19 homeowners receive assistance through this program.”

“We are pleased that we are able to use our membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank to access significant grant monies for our community,” added Karen Gregerson, President and CEO of The Farmers Bank. “It has been very rewarding to see the program expand to the entire county and to have made such a difference in the lives of our senior citizens over these past three years.”

People who qualify for this program are those low to moderate income residents of the City of Frankfort or Clinton County who are age 62 or older and have owned their own home for at least 18 months. The Office of Housing and Urban Development establishes income guidelines that determine eligibility for the program. Qualifying improvements can include repair/replacement of existing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, repair or replacement of existing water heater, and energy conservation improvements such as windows, siding, roofing, gutters, downspouts, insulation, and exterior doors. Also, certain plumbing and electrical improvements may be eligible.

The next grant season will start in April 2020. Homeowners who believe they may qualify are encouraged to contact the Mayor’s Office at 654-7332 to see if they are eligible.