27 Leaves PHOTO 1

Xan Parsons decided to open 27 Leaves Boutique at 2455 E. Wabash St. in Frankfort after finding success with online sales and vendor events.

Clinton County Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Judy Sheets celebrated the opening of another new business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 27 Leaves Boutique on Sept. 1 at 2455 E. Wabash St. in Frankfort.

Though 27 Leaves Boutique owner Xan Parsons opened the store two months earlier, she was still excited, and a little nervous, to celebrate starting a brick-and-mortar operation.

“It was very nerve-racking all day long,” Parsons said with a laugh. “It went very well. We were nervous and excited to do it and ready to get out there. A lot of people still haven’t heard of us yet.”

The new boutique first opened its doors to customers on June 5.

“Everyone loves it,” Parsons said. “They say it is a breath of fresh air and that we need something like this. It is different than the others. They all seem to love the vibe. I have a lot of people who come back every week. But, it has been great because I was very nervous to start it. So, seeing that is was going well calmed my nerves a little bit. I didn’t know how it would go or if it would be received well, but it has. I am glad I did it.”

Parsons, a 2009 graduate of Clinton Central High School, calls longtime friend, Lindsey Cox, her business partner.

“Lindsey helps me make some of the decisions, get our sales and helps post (on social media),” Parsons said. “She keeps me going.”

And Heather Emmons is another vendor who sells her products inside 27 Leaves.

“Heather has the custom cups, and she does car freshies,” Parsons said.

On its Facebook page, 27 Leaves Boutique describes itself as an affordable boho-vibe boutique where you can expect more from your clothing. “We believe in forgetting the rules,” it reads. “If you like it, wear it! You are your own label!”

“Kind of like boho (Bohemian) everyday wear,” Parsons said. “If you want to stay home in your jammies and just wear a big, heavy sweater, (we have) that. And then if you go to a wedding, we have some dresses, too. It is just stuff that is really wearable. Sometimes you find stuff that may be cute, but it is not something you would wear all the time. (We offer) something that gets used.”

Parsons started selling clothing and accessories online almost three years ago and eventually began to think that opening a brick-and-mortar boutique would be possible.

“I was still working full-time, so I built it up and it got to the point where either I am going to do it or I am not,” Parsons said. “So, it was time to push forward.

“I would sell online and then I would do vendor events,” Parsons said, adding that she attended one at 51 West in downtown Frankfort. “I did a booth there and then did one at 6 Points, and I did one in Kokomo. I think that just going to the vendor events and seeing people like it and get excited about what I had, I started thinking that it would be good.”

27 Leaves Boutique is currently open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

“We are a women-owned business trying to bring everyday fashion to Frankfort,” Parsons said. “Come see me. We have been appreciative of all of the support we have been given.”