Dear Valued Readers,

Local newspapers have always been at the center of the community dialog. We are committed to keeping you informed on local government matters, where your tax dollars are going and all of the challenges that face our community. The Times is your place to go to see uplifting stories about your family, friends and neighbors.

While other communities may have alternative sources of journalism, the bulk of the reporting serving our local communities has traditionally been provided by local newspapers. It is our privilege to serve this community, and the tradition of strong, local journalism will continue into the future.

Given these unprecedented times, however, we are making the necessary changes required to ensure the voice and existence of local journalism. Effective the week of July 13, we will change our publishing days to Wednesday and Saturday only.

The most basic function of local journalism is to provide residents with news across a range of topics in a way that helps them stay informed and take part in the community. That won’t change.

We will still provide all the local news, sports and entertainment features you have come to expect from our newspaper, and our online content will continue to be updated daily with interesting and newsworthy content.

As a print subscriber, you receive access to the online content at no cost. We encourage you to sign up today if you haven’t already done so.

We remain committed to this community. North, east, south, west, past and present, we are your voice. Stay informed and connected. Thank you for your continued support.


Linda Kelsay, Publisher

Aaron Kennedy, Editor