The Clinton County Chambers of Commerce joined friends and family of Peggy Carten-Davis and Chad Davis in celebrating the opening of the Find Your Bliss Real Estate office with a ribbon cutting Tuesday at 3483 N. Co. Road 400 W. in rural Clinton County.

A former RE/MAX agent, Carten-Davis started Find Your Bliss Real Estate about four years ago.

“I started with RE/MAX, and I worked with them for approximately five years,” Carten-Davis said. “I kind of always had a goal to go out on my own. RE/MAX is a fantastic company. I had many great mentors who taught me basically how to create this business model. Jimmy Dulin was my broker and, basically, he showed all of his agents how to be successful. Really, I owe my success to him.

“We are going on four years in March that I had started Find Your Bliss Real Estate,” she continued. “I would have to say that the first year was a little scary – leaving the big name and kind of going out on my own. After I made it through the first year, I thought, ‘Well, I get to do this again for another year,’ and I haven’t failed yet.”

Last spring, Carten-Davis decided to create an office where clients may speak with her face-to-face.

“It was May when we decided to actually make it official here,” she said. “So, we started planning and contacting contractors to revamp our barn.

“It certainly did not look like this when we got started,” she added. “It was quite ugly – brown, ugly. And we started making the changes, constructing the office and, before we knew it, we are here.”

Carten-Davis says she “wholeheartedly” believes in supporting local businesses.

“I am from this area, and I primarily work in Clinton County, Boone County, Tippecanoe County and the surrounding areas that I am familiar with,” she said. “And I can’t imagine being anywhere else or doing anything different. I am blessed. It is the best career choice that I could ever even ask for.

“(Chad) is very supportive,” she added. “I have lots and lots of crazy ideas, lots of energy and lots of projects, and Chad is the backbone of what we have done here. Anything I ask – no project is too big or too crazy. He is very supportive, and I am very blessed for that as well.”

Though the ribbon-cutting ceremony was Tuesday and there are a few finishing touches left, the office has been ready for business since last month.

“Officially, we finished it in mid-September,” Carten-Davis said. “Obviously, there are still things (left to do). We were supposed to have gravel brought in this week prior to this, but it won’t be here until the end of the week. So, there are finishing touches (remaining), but the space itself and the main part of the project I would say was completed in mid-September.

“The nice thing is, with real estate, so much of it happens online – on our computers and cell phones, but I wanted something to give people the opportunity to kind of put that face with my name and with the company to make it a little more personal.”

Carten-Davis feels that she has built her foundation on the fundamentals of living by the Golden Rule.

“I treat everybody exactly how I would want to be treated or how I would want my mother or my daughter to be treated,” she said. “I think that is very important. My whole business model was based on that.

“I am a Homes for Heroes real estate agent as well,” she added. “So I try to specialize in working with veterans, the fire department, EMS workers, first responders, health care nurses, teachers, police officers, law enforcement – those are my main focus along with first-time home buyers. But, really, I want to be an asset to our community. Like I said, everything I do I try to do by supporting our local community, and I want to be the expert in my field here.”

For more information about Find Your Bliss Real Estate, visit www.findyourblissreal