Did you know that music is one of the first intelligences to develop? Did you know that music is an immersive experience that involves the whole brain? Music-lovers often claim a personal connection to specific genres, melodies and lyrics. At Frankfort Community Public Library, we understand how important music is and strive to bring it to the community in as many formats as possible. Your library card provides access to streaming music, CDs, and now, vinyl records.

Vinyl recordings allow for an authentic, deep listening experience. When a record is made, it creates a sound ‘fingerprint’ that is cut into the vinyl. Those three-dimensional groves act like captured sound waves – it’s the closest you can get to a live performance.

Our new vinyl collection can be found in the FCPL Teen Department, and records can be checked out with your library card. No turntable? No problem. You can check out turntables as well. Our record players are portable, lightweight, and have the capability to connect via Bluetooth to other speakers. Our vinyl record collection here at the library is new and growing. We have added several genres including show tunes, old-time crooners like Frank Sinatra, classic rock like AC/DC, and recent hits by artists such as Taylor Swift and The Weeknd.

Since they are fragile, records and turntables must be returned to the Circulation Desk. We accept vinyl donations in good condition. Donations will be examined by the same criteria as new items when deciding whether or not it will be added to the collection. Items not used in the collection will be saved for use in other library programming.

Another new development at the Teen Department is our BuzzCrate program. BuzzCrate is a free subscription box service available to students in grades 6–12 for free with their library card. Each season, students will receive a box filled with library materials selected especially for the user, plus several treats that they may keep. Subscription box services have shown to increase library usage among young people in other library systems. Our BuzzCrate program is already full, but we are accepting sign-ups for a waiting list. If you would like to sponsor a BuzzCrate, or for more information, contact Rachel Milburn at 654-8746 or email rmilburn@myfpcl.org.