Sapphire Bay Logo

City of Frankfort approves Sapphire Bay logo and pricing at the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting on Monday.

The Frankfort Board of Public Works and Safety (BoW) approved the logo and pricing of Sapphire Bay at TPA Park and a donation from a local organization.

Community Development and Outreach Director Kimberly Black approached BoW with the proposed logo and pricing for Sapphire Bay on Monday evening for consideration by the members. Black commented that the design underwent a few alterations before the City and the board overseeing the aquatic center project approved of the logo. BoW Member Megan Sheets stated that the board reviewed the designs presented at a previous meeting, and the members remain pleased with the chosen design.

“(Black) had a variety of designs for us to look through at our planning session last week, and it was fun to go through that and tweak ideas and have a meeting of the minds,” said Megan Sheets. “Although I’m no graphic artist, I’m just thrilled with how this looks.”

Black also submitted a proposal for the pricing of daily and season passes at Sapphire Bay. Black stated that daily passes for children 2-years-old and under are free while those older than 2 will be charged $7 per day to attend the facility. Black stated that individual season passes will cost $75 for the season as a one-time cost for the year and family passes will cost $250 for a family consisting of five or fewer for the season. Black said that each family member added to the family pass exceeding the five-person limit will be charged an additional $25 for the season pass.

Black highlighted the morning water walking program intended to be implemented at the facility for an exercise opportunity. According to Black, the water walking activity will consist of participants walking the lazy river against the current to build stamina and burn calories in the morning. Black stated that water walking daily passes will be available for $3 per day from Monday through Friday. Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets commented that she received numerous community requests for the water walking activity and expressed her excitement for the opportunity to implement the exercise program at Sapphire Bay.

“I am excited about the water walking. I have had several requests from community members, so this year we’re going to try it for one hour in the morning before the pool opens at $3 for each day that they come in,” the mayor said.

Black concluded the pricing portion of the proposals by stating that cabana rentals will cost $50 for four hours or half of the day and $75 for the entire day. Black stated that nine cabanas will be available at Sapphire Bay as rentals. Black commented that the pricing for Sapphire Bay was derived from an assessment of nearby and similar water parks and aquatic centers combined with the assessed need in Clinton County.

“We’ve talked about this a lot and kind of went over it, but I compared it to Murphey’s Water Park, which was very similar to ours, Lebanon, Lafayette, which we know is a lot larger facility, and then Kokomo,” said Black. “(That is) just kind of giving where we compared locally, and then hopefully the same type of demographic as Frankfort or Clinton County and then the same type of the size of the center.”

Black concluded her proposals by requesting approval for a $50,000 donation to Sapphire Bay from NHK Seating of America. BoW approved the donation without further discussion, and Black stated that NHK will be honored at Sapphire Bay with signage similar to the displays for donors in Prairie Creek Park.

“A big thank you to NHK. This is going to be amazing. It’s going to help us out a lot on the aquatic center,” said Mayor Sheets. “I always love to see people involved in our community projects.”

Black stated that the City continues to work toward cementing policies for pool parties and birthday parties at Sapphire Bay and will report a plan in the near future.

The Aquatic Management will host a job fair for lifeguards on Thursday, April 6 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Prairie Creek Park Event Center. Applicants must be 15 years old or older and do not have to be certified upon application. Black stated that the hiring company will train and certify applicants prior to their start date.