Something is stirring in the basement of Parkview Home that hasn’t been heard from in nearly two years.

With the help of sponsors like Center Township, Red Anchor, Wamplers and others, 7 Lights of Trepidation has spent the last few weeks building a maze of macabre madness at 1501 Burlington Avenue in Frankfort.

7 Lights had a successful haunted house in the basement of Parkview Home in 2019 but were not able to bring it back in 2020 due to restrictions related to the pandemic. Instead, 7 Lights of Trepidation helped Frankfort United Neighborhoods (F.U.N.) and the City of Frankfort Parks Department with a Spooky Trail at TPA Park in 2020. Now, the haunted house is back.

“We are all really glad to be able to do events again,” said Jennifer Davis, member of 7 Lights of Trepidation. “It has been a good year for coming out with events. We have a bigger build this year than we ever have down here. So, we are pretty excited about it this year.”

Along with Davis, the builders, volunteers and cast members of the 7 Lights of Trepidation haunter house include Brian Brocklehurst, Kyle Bruton, Brad Sanders, Chris Blakely, Brandon Craven, Larry Laughner, Dawnetta Craven, Justin Favors, Story Davis and Gracie Longenberger.

“We’ve had various community members come in to help in various capacities,” Davis said. “We have had five builders this year. We had a lot of community donations. We had a really good turnout this year for materials.”

When asked how long it takes to construct a haunted house like the one currently underway at Parkview Home, Davis responded, “Typically, longer than we’ve had.

“We had to scramble and build it in two-and-a-half weeks to get it here, assemble it, decorate it and get it ready to go for the fire marshal and homeland security,” she added.

Opening Night for the haunted house is Oct. 15.

“We are going to open at 6 p.m. until 11 p.m., and we will run the last three weekends in October, Friday and Saturday nights, from 6-11 p.m.,” Davis said. “On Oct. 30, F.U.N. also has a re-occurrence of the Spooky Trails (5-9 p.m.) at TPA Park. I know Kevin Keith (from WILO) will come out for a live broadcast from TPA and from Parkview that night, on the 30th. We are expecting a good crowd this year. With the traffic we created last year at TPA, we are hoping to bring some of that traffic this direction. It will be a big night, and it will also be the last night we are open.”

Brandon Craven was among those helping out in the haunted house on Friday.

“This is my first year,” Craven said. “It has been pretty exciting and time-consuming, trying to fit it in your daily life and other things that you have to do. So, it can be a struggle, but it is also fun at the same time. I definitely met a lot of new people here, so that helps make it fun.

“I have actually done a lot of volunteer work over the years in different cities,” Craven continued. “Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I figured why not help out with the haunted house here at Parkview Home – especially when I heard that 100 percent of the proceeds stay here at the home to help cover the costs of the residents’ Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners so they can have and enjoy that time of year when everyone else is enjoying that time of year., So, it is very special. It means more than just having a fun haunted house. There is a lot more to it. That is one of the reasons why I want to do it this year.”

Davis says many residents of Parkview Home are glad to have the haunted house back after missing it in 2020.

“They have been excited,” Davis said. “They are out here on the porch. We are goofing off. We have them in costumes. They came down today to help with photos, and they are excited.”

“Over the last two years we’ve had with the COVID pandemic,” Craven said. “They are just getting back to normal life, have the haunted house again and have fun. It is nice to be able to interact with people again, like back in the old days.”

Davis says there will again be no-scare tours available for those who may not handle the normal tour well.

“We offer a flashlight-guided tour through the haunted house,” she said. “Everybody who can de-mask will de-mask and say ‘Hi.’ I think this year we will try to hand out candy in those rooms as well for the no-scare. I liked that idea.”

For those who don’t take a no-scare tour, Davis says there is not a “chicken route” this year.

“There is no escape route, so once you in there, you are down there,” she said. “We will probably provide a safe word for the people up front who need to stop. Hopefully, we don’t traumatize anybody, and we actually hear the safe word.”

Entry fee for the haunted house will be $5 for adults and $3 for kids.

“We are keeping it low, so people can come enjoy it,” Davis said. “I am really looking forward to it. We are only two weeks away. We have decorations still going up and things that will be added up until the day we open.”