The Indiana Department of Transportation stated that the stoplight installment project on State Road 28 remains on track to be completed in the fall of 2023.

Following a recent incident involving a passenger vehicle and semi-tractor trailer that resulted in a fatality at the intersection of State Road 28 and County Road 200 West, the Clinton County community took to social media and public forums to discuss the upcoming stoplight project orchestrated by INDOT.

INDOT Public Relations Director Megan DeLucenay commented that the project was awarded to a contractor in the fall of 2022 with a projected start date in the spring of 2023. DeLucenay stated that the project will be expected to complete during the fall of 2023 depending on the weather conditions that the crews may experience. The time frame of the project factors the stoplight installment, deceleration lane implementation, aligned left turn construction and intersection lighting installment as well as unforeseen setbacks into the development plan.

The project will remain as a state project throughout its development and was developed meticulously to ensure compliance with federal requirements regarding traffic signal construction. DeLucenay commented that the stoplight, deceleration lane and left turn implementation is focused on providing the community with a safer commute on State Road 28 to avoid incidents such as the recent fatality.

“This stoplight is being implemented because it met the Federal requirements for a signal. The engineering assessment included a capacity, crash and intersection analysis,” said DeLucenay. “A signal will be installed to provide gaps in traffic for motorists on the minor streets to be able to get out onto State Road 28. The goal here is to improve safety.”

DeLucenay commented that the decision to implement a stoplight rather than a roundabout or four-way stop sign at the intersection was a result of traffic studies conducted by the organization to assess the success of each traffic control method and their implications for the future. DeLucenay stated that the study aided the team through the decision by providing logistics behind the benefits of the synchronized traffic flow that would become available with a stoplight rather than a roundabout or four-way stop.

“INDOT decided to implement a signal, rather than other traffic control methods, because of the traffic study we conducted,” said DeLucenay. “The signal was determined to be the recommended alternative because signal timings can be synchronized to improve traffic flow along State Road 28, and driver expectations are enhanced when there is continuity and uniformity between adjacent intersections.”

While the project remains as a state endeavor, Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets expressed her hope that the project will commence as soon as possible due to the danger that the intersection presents as it remains as a two-way stop. Sheets stated that the decision to implement the stop sign was partially influenced by the Frankfort City Common Council and its members as they assessed the pros and cons of each traffic control method alongside the projected cost for INDOT.

“I wish that they would get that done quickly. It’s very important because it’s a bad intersection. We had talked to them early on when I came in as mayor. The discussion was on whether there would be a roundabout or a traffic signal,” said Sheets. “The city, after talking with different council members, decided that they would prefer to go with the signal.”

No further information has been released as of Friday, Feb. 24 at noon regarding the project. Updates will be released as the project dates are solidified in the spring.