Nominations for The Times’ 2020 Citizen of the Year award are due by 3 p.m. Monday ahead of the State of the Chamber Luncheon, which starts at noon Thursday at Silver Coin Event Center.

Since 1970, The Times Citizen of the Year award has been presented to deserving residents of the county who have made a positive impact on their community. The last recipient of the award was Shan Sheridan. The Times Citizen of the Year award was earned by Kevin Evans in 2018, Steve Royer in 2017, and previous winners include Carol Price, Kim Stevens, Leroy Good, Susie Trees, Karen Miller and Dick Sutton.

To qualify for The Times Citizen of the Year award, a nominee must reside in Clinton County and have made a positive impact within the county through their investment of time, work and/or leadership. If you believe you know of a person who deserves consideration for the award, your nomination must be written in 500 words or less and include your name and phone number so that The Times may reach you for more information. Your nomination may be sent via email to Editor Aaron Kennedy at or to our general news account at with “Citizen of the Year” in the subject line. Nominations may also be dropped in our mail slot at 211 N. Jackson St., Frankfort, IN 46041. Your nomination letter may be published in part or in full and also read aloud during the awards ceremony. Try to make as strong of a case as possible why your nominee is deserving of The Times Citizen of the Year award.

The presentation of The Times Citizen of the Year award will be just one part of the Clinton County Chamber of Commerce’s luncheon. The Chamber will recognize individuals, businesses and organizations that went above and beyond in 2020. Current board president Fred Myers will speak for a few minutes about his vision for 2021, and new board members will be announced.