The Michigantown Lions Club received a $2,000 grant from Duke Energy to help improve the floor of its historic gymnasium.

Carolyn Fields, a volunteer with the Michigantown Lions Club and the grant’s writer, said that it will take an estimated $24,000 to replace the gymnasium floor.

“We have some donations already, and we are going to try for a couple other grants to try to get the compete amount,” Fields said.

“Currently, a concrete floor with overlay of sport court tiles has been in place for over 20 years,” Michigantown Lions Club Treasurer Don Blanch said. “A new floor will be more acceptable for walking and sports, which is a weekly activity of local teams.

“The gym is the centerpiece of the Michigantown community for not only sports, but rental functions, Lions Club activities and the seasonal meals prepared for the community,” Blanch added. “We thank Duke Energy for their generous gift and look forward to meeting our fundraising goal and the installation of a clean and safe floor for all to use.”

Field said the current floor will be replaced with all-purpose flooring.

“Water damaged the old floor,” she said. “That is why we have to take it up.

“They (will be able to) play basketball and have events here,” Fields added. “It will be much easier to clean and much safer than what we have now.”

The historic gymnasium was built in 1924 as an addition to Michigantown School. According to Fields, the school is the only one remaining in the county from the pre-consolidation era. Michigantown High School closed in 1959 followed by the closure of Michigantown Elementary in 1971. There are now photos and memorabilia from the other old schools in the county at the museum in the Michigantown Lions Club.

“We can give anyone a tour of it if you contact us,” Fields said.

The Michigantown Renovation Project was created when a group including Denny Shoup, Don and Kathy Blanch, Larry and Pat Newton, Linda Barnett and Sam and Carolyn Fields decided to save the school over eight years ago.

“Donations for this much-needed project are greatly appreciated,” Blanch said. “Information is available for rental of our historic building as a service at a very reasonable cost.”

Those who wish to donate to the renovation or wish to tour the museum may contact 432-0191 or Donations may be mailed to the Michigantown Renovation Project, 101 E. First St. Michigantown, IN 46057, c/o Carolyn Fields.