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Commissioners to look at holiday time off for county employees

BY SHARON BARDONNER - sbardonner@ftimes.com

The Clinton County Commissioners will look at how time off is granted to employees for the county’s designated holidays next year. 

The idea was brought up by Commissioner Steve Woods as part of the commissioners’ reports at the board’s meeting Monday. 

“We need to designate some holidays in 2018 as floating holidays,” said Woods, “so we can keep the courthouse open more days per year.”

The commissioners noted that the court judges would need to be consulted since they have to know when personnel are available to hold sessions.

Commissioners’ President Scott Shoemaker said the court calendar is usually set out six months in advance. 

The holidays being considered as floating holidays include Presidents’ Day, Feb. 19; Good Friday, March 30; Indiana Primary Election Day, May 8; Columbus Day, Oct. 8; and General Election Day, Nov. 6.

If Woods’ idea is adopted, on those days some employees would be off but others would work so all county offices could be open. Those scheduled to work the holiday would take another day off instead. 

Shoemaker suggested, in order to make tracking time off easier, giving employees two months after the floating holiday to use their day off. He also suggested using seniority as one criteria in the days-off selection process.

Wanda Mitchell of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office said that the CCSO gives deputies floating holidays to ensure adequate staffing levels and the deputies can use those days anytime within the year.

Woods said the department head would determine which employees could be off on any given floating holiday. 

“We want to look at every option we have to maximize how often the courthouse is open,” said Commissioner Josh Uitts.