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Round trip ticket


I could not believe how small and tiny she was. My niece had a baby just over two weeks ago. I was holding this little miracle and I was just so deeply touched and in awe of what God had done in creating new life with her little heart beating, her chest moving in and out with each breath and her eyes (when opened) taking in her new world. She was just a little doll.

I was visiting family last week and was able to hold newborn Aubrey. Since my son is almost 18 I forgot how small and vulnerable babies are. I held her close as she startled with loud noises or loud talking, but I held her close. Pretty soon she began to cry in hunger as mother held her to feed her. So beautiful. Then, of course, she needed changed and that little life went back to sleep content, warm, and feeling safe.

I love the smell of a newborn baby, and I love the little toes and fingers and to look at her and think about our Creator God and what incredible beings we really are. We take it for granted, but God knew us before we were even in our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5).

Isn’t it incredible what God has done. Have you ever thought about these bodies we have? How they function and operate with efficiency. How a scrape will likely leave a mark and the mark will heal.

We are so amazing. I see it here in the hospital all the time. Healing is hard work and takes mind, body and soul to work together. Healing takes time, more time than we usually have patience for. Sometimes healing is only partial, sometimes it’s quick. And sometimes the healing comes from moving on to our Heavenly Home to see Christ, where we return to our God who knew us before we were even created.

As humans we get a round trip ticket back to God, born in His love and grace and returned the same way. We do not know when that return flight departs, so we might as well live. In this new year, let go of the old, forgive, and hold close the fresh breath, baby-like newness of our God.

Doug Givan is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and lives in Crawfordsville.