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The organizers and members of the recovery meeting in the jail celebrate the impact of the recovery community during National Recovery Month.

The Clinton County recovery community is celebrating National Recovery Month by highlighting the numerous recovery meetings and resources available to the public.

During the month of September, the nation celebrates the millions of Americans that have embarked on the path of recovery from mental and substance use disorders. The Clinton County community hosts numerous recovery classes throughout the week at Brianna’s Hope, Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition, One80, the jail and much more.

National Recovery Month is intended to reduce the stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental and substance use disorders that may lead individuals striving to enter a life of recovery from pursuing their goals. Recently, another recovery meeting was begun at the jail in hopes of reducing the stigma surrounding mental and substance use disorders as well as the stigma surrounding incarcerated individuals that seek a better life.

The women’s group is led by Jennifer Bovee, Amy Creasy and Taylor Echeverria and was organized with the help of Carly Smith and Matron Ashley Kelly. The jail is intending to expand the recovery meeting inside the jail to include men in the near future and expand the recovery community as a whole.

“It is my job to take all reasonable steps to ensure an inmate’s successful entrance into, and maintenance of, their recovery journeys. We have several programs that we have revamped, or introduced, to incorporate evidence-based therapies and platforms to provide the best possible outcome,” said Kelly. “I applaud these women for taking the steps to learn the skills needed to be successful in recovery. I appreciate our group leaders who are volunteering their time to invest in these womens’ futures. I thank our staff for their support, not only of these programs, but to individuals they mentor on a daily basis. It takes a village and we are all here to build a better community.”

Echeverria released a statement during National Recovery month imploring the community to explore the intricacies of the community and its efforts. Echeverria continues her efforts to encourage the recovery community to continue its outstanding impact across the county by welcoming every individual that seeks help.

“If you think that these women can’t do it, watch them. See them. These are the faces of some of the women that are fighting for their new lives, putting in so much effort and hours. These women are going to do great things. I love them for all that they are and they inspire me. End the stigma. Stop judging others and do something,” said Echeverria. “Every Wednesday night I go and I help these women and every Wednesday night I learn more and more.”

Recovery resources are prevalent across the county. The Clinton County recovery community has endlessly expressed its goal to welcome every individual in the county into open arms regardless of their background. Community members suffering from substance use disorder or know someone suffering are encouraged to contact the plethora of resources in the community to begin their journey in sobriety.

For more information, contact Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition at 765-659-6063 or visit the location at 1234 Rossville Ave. in Frankfort. Healthy Communities provides resources such as the men’s recovery cafe, recovering together meetings and more. One80 Recovery Resources hosts men’s recovery meetings that are open to the public. Information may be found on the One80 Recovery Resources Facebook page. Brianna’s Hope hosts recovery meetings on Thursdays, and information may be found on the Brianna’s Hope Facebook page.

“I am so grateful for this community and the amount of love and support we are offering addicts,” said Echeverria.