Clinton County 4-H is excited about the new year and encouraging local kids to enroll before the January 15 deadline. Youth ranging from Kindergarten age to seniors in high school are eligible and have been able to register since October.

“We want to get one last big push here before the end of registration on January 15, said Bethany Perlee. “It is $25 per person (for grades 3-12). If it is a family with three or more (registering), then we cap it at $75.”

Clinton County 4-Hers may register for 2021 by enrolling online at

“Each year, we have roughly 500 to 600 youth that are involved in Clinton County 4-H, and we want to make sure that number continues,” Perlee said. “Since we went through one full year of COVID, we learned what we can and can’t do. We learned how we can overcome those obstacles to still make availability happen.”

Perlee says she recently received an optimistic email from Dr. Casey Mull, who is the program leader for 4-H youth development.

“He says he is very (positive) about county fairs all being in person this year,” Perlee said. “Some counties were not able to do so last summer. He is (positive) that all counties will be able to do so this year, which is kind of exciting.”

Perlee encourages youth who may have not put much thought to joining 4-H to check out the many projects that are offered.

“The first thing people think of when they think of 4-H is farm life or being a farmer,” she said. “That is not always the case anymore. It has grown to span so many opportunities that it is something they need to give a chance or a second chance to become involved. We love to do that in Clinton County.”

Caren Crum says that they are offering over 70 different projects.

“We do different projects and activities,” Crum said. “The kids are sure to find an interest.

“Our fair is July 10-17,” she added. “That is where the kids will showcase all of their hard work on these projects. We get really talented kids and really neat projects. They can reach out to me or Bethany, and we will be glad to help.”

Register for this year’s Clinton County 4-H activities at

Perlee may be reached at or by calling 659-6380, extension 1816. Crum may be reached at or by calling 659-6380 ext. 1812.