Officer of the Year PHOTO 1

Sergeant Chris Salaba was selected Officer of the Year by the Frankfort Police Department.

Recognized for his performance, achievements and accomplishments, Sergeant Chris Salaba has been selected as the Frankfort Police Department’s 2020 Officer of the Year. Deputy Chief James Skinner, Major Jason Albaugh, Captain William Hackerd, Captain Brady Sorrells, Captain Cesar Muñoz, Lieutenant Evan Hall, Lieutenant Joshua Ruben, Sergeant Jeremy Rushton and Sergeant Thomas Dillingham were awarded with the Chief’s 2020 Distinguished Supervisor Award as a part of the Department’s annual awards program. The annual banquet was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Officer of the Year award is given to an officer whose efforts go above and beyond normal duties and requirements involving outstanding performance, professionalism, superior judgment and leadership. Sgt. Salaba entered the K-9 program in March and was promoted to Sergeant on July 1, 2020.

“2020 was a year of firsts. All of our officers and staff proved how resilient they can be. Sgt. Salaba was selected with the help of the command staff,” Chief Scott Shoemaker said. “His ability to take on multiple tasks within the department and continue to show leadership to officers put him at the top of the list.”

Salaba joined the Police Department on September 4, 2017.

The department experienced a change in administration on March 2, 2020 when, then Deputy Chief, Shoemaker was appointed interim Chief of Police. In addition to city administration changes the department was faced with hiring four police officers, a new police station and keeping the shifts/divisions adequately staffed with pandemic shortages as well as other staffing shortages.

“The supervisors who received this award have been with me since March 2,” Shoemaker said. “Without them, as well as my office staff, I would not have had a successful year. Even with all the changes and sickness, we had a productive, rewarding year.”