When the final votes were tallied Tuesday night in the Clinton County Courthouse, the effect the pandemic had on voter turnout became apparent with 25.6 percent of registered voters participating in the primary election. That fell well short of the 42 percent of registered voters who turned out for the primary in Clinton County four years ago.

In the Republican primary race for three at-large seats on the County Council, incumbents Mike Hensley (26.37 percent), Jeff Chynoweth (22.98 percent) and Clark Beard (21.28 percent) held off challengers Lewis Wheeler (17.46 percent) and Bechel “Frankie” Crew (11.91 percent). Challenger Mark Timmons (55.11 percent) defeated incumbent Steve Woods (44.89 percent) in the race for the County Commissioner District 1 seat, and Ed Cripe (52.04 percent) edged out Josh Lee (47.96 percent) in the County Coroner race.

Winning contested Republican Committeeman Precinct races were Clarence Warthan (58.46 percent) over Thomas “Reggie” Morgan (41.54 percent) in Precinct 4, Sally Myers (65.22 percent) over Cory Boyles (34.78 percent) in Precinct 12, Zachary Light (87.10 percent) over Derin Stidd (12.90 percent) in District 15, Jim Moyer (52.27 percent) by four votes over Tammy Danner (47.73 percent) in Precinct 16, Kevin Copas (61.43 percent) over Kialee Mitchell (38.57 percent) in Precinct 17, Janet Lloyd (54.31 percent) over Jayson Young (45.69 percent) in Precinct 33, Christopher W. Perry (46.74 percent) over Brad Cline (32.61 percent) and C.K. “Kandy” Storms (20.65 percent) in Precinct 36, Mark Mitchell (68.35 percent) over Sue Marcum (31.65 percent) in Precinct 37, Andy Davison (67.42 percent) over Kareena Wells (32.58 percent) in in Precinct 38, and Louise Newhart (44.85 percent) over Al Parsons (29.41 percent) and Ben Pfeffer (25.74 percent) in Precinct 39.

The nine Republican State Convention Delegates voted-in out of 12 candidates are Jim Moyer, Marilyn Chittick, Joe Root, Carl Chezem, Judy Parsons, Donna Chezem, Lewis Wheeler, Al Parsons and Harold Vice.

Locals pick Trump, Biden

Clinton County voted for Donald Trump (90.76 percent) over challenger Bill Weld in the Republican primary while Democrats in the county preferred Joe Biden (75.74 percent) over the eight other names on the ticket. Bernie Sanders was his closest competition at just 13.9 percent.

In the U.S. House of Representatives race for Indiana District 4, Joe Mackey (55.89 percent) was the Clinton County Democrat’s choice, and he will face Republican incumbent Jim Baird in November.

State races

Brian Buchanan (71.75 percent) was the choice of Clinton County Republicans over challengers Ethan Brown (24.56) and Vernon Budde (3.68) in the race for the State Senator for District 7, and Alex Sabol (62,15 percent) was the favorite among Democrats in the county to challenge Don Lehe in November for State Representative for District 25.