Amanda Harness, the program director for the Clinton County Family YMCA, records a shoulder routine which was posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

When the Clinton County Family YMCA had to close to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some members who had been participating in one or more of the Y’s various workout classes may have thought they were off the hook.

Not so fast.

Program Director Amanda Harness has already begun to post daily workouts for her clients on YouTube, and she will soon livestream workout classes. On Wednesday, Harness guided members through a shoulder routine consisting of three sets of 12 reps of five different exercises – military press, front raise, side raise, rear delt raise and push ups. She will post an arms workout Thursday and a legs routine on Friday. And, next week, the local YMCA plans to launch live classes.

Harness says that it was very important to her that she reconnected with her classes.

“I have grown to have a lot of connections, especially during the Beast-Mode program,” she said. “I am finding that keeping them in a routine and keeping connected to them means lot to them, and it means a lot to me as well.”

Tristen Comegys, executive officer of the Clinton County YMCA, says that resources offered by the Y will expand as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves in the community.

“We rolled out a Workout Of the Day (WOD),” she said. “We provide a routine based on an area of the body each day. It is to make sure that people are still moving and that we can serve the community. Starting next week, we are going to be offering some classes on Facebook Live and probably on Zoom as well. We are developing that plan. We have three classes we will offer, and we will do a trial run this Friday.”

The tentative schedule for these workouts includes an Active Older Adults Fitness Class from 11:30 a.m. to noon each Monday, Wednesday and Frankfort, an HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class for adults at 11 a.m. each Wednesday and Friday, and an HIIT class for kids at 10:30 a.m. on Fridays.

“As we bring our fitness instructors together and get used to the online platforms, we anticipate being able to offer more classes like this,” Comegys said.

Harness will also be offering complimentary wellness coaching online or over the phone by appointment. Her email is a.harness@ccfymca.net.

“If they feel like they belong with something, they will stay connected and stay in a routine,” Harness said. “They will feel better mentally and physically.”

There are also three additional resources that can be accessed through the Clinton County Family YMCA’s website at ccfymca.net or on the Clinton County Family YMCA Facebook page.

“We are a partner of the Silver and Fit wellness program,” Comegys said. “They offer a live classes for seniors at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday on Facebook. Then there is a program called Y 360, a national movement for all Y’s across the United States. They are coming together to create online fitness classes on a YouTube channel with highly produced fitness routines. Mossa Move is another affiliate of the Y. They are offering complementary online fitness classes for the 60 days.”

Those who are interested in using any of these resources to keep up – or maybe start – their fitness routine during the pandemic should visit ccfymca.net or the Clinton County Family YMCA Facebook page.

“They can also join our email list or give us a call (654-9622) if they need help connecting to any other resources,” Comegys said. “Our main goal is to support people in our community. A lot of the time, your mental wellness has to do with your physical wellness. If we can support them psychically, we think that is critical at a time like this.”