A letter to my family and friends,

On February 16, 2021, my heart stopped beating for the second time in my life. The first time was when I was introduced to my future wife for the first time, but her beauty charged my batteries for the next 40 plus years. Leaving her is my greatest regret. I grew up here in Frankfort, born July 5th, 1965 to Garth (Uncle Lee) and Patricia Louise (Click) Hedge. A year later, I was joined by my sister Penny (Sissy) Hedge Walters. We were raised by very loving and attentive parents, who taught us to love and respect all. My mother and sister survive. I met my wife, Rhonda Ashlock Deckard, daughter of Roy G. and Margaret A. Ashlock, my future children, Jason Deckard and Amy Deckard Garcia, (Joe Garcia), in June of 1979. We became a family when we were married in August of 1993. I was incredibly blessed to have them in my life. Jason gave me three grandsons, Mason, Erek, and Jack. Amy gave me a granddaughter, Alexis (SweetPea) Laflen, and a grandson, Collin Laflen. Three more were added with Leanna Smith, Anthony and Ricky Garcia, when she married Joe. I’ve also been promoted to great-grandfather eight times (I often bragged that I was already a great-grandfather), I also have many nieces and nephews. It is amazing to me that I was included in such a wonderful and loving family and that my goal of being 19 forever was thankfully never realized. One of my earliest memories as a child was of my father tearing apart an old bass guitar in a one car garage when I was 3 or 4. Shortly thereafter, I was playing it in our front room with his band. I was forever hooked on music and began a lifelong passion with playing and sharing all that I had as a musician. I played every chance I was allowed to sit in, learning as much as I could. I joined a band in 1979 and played for the next 30 years before retiring to my recording studio. Again, I was blessed many times over with being accepted by all of the best musicians around teaching me and allowing me to grow into my own place, with Rhonda right by my side. Her love and support kept me humble and appreciative of what I had been given. We opened Aqua Works Water Softeners in 1998 and ran our business for 12 years with honest and customer friendly service. I would like to thank all of our loyal patrons for their years of support. And a big shout out to my dad, for helping keep the doors open while we were living our dreams. Save me a seat dad! I’m ready to jam with Elvis and Johnny Cash. You can play bass. So now I will say so long until we meet again. God Bless You All!