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Hits and Misses

We extend a hit to the Clinton Central School Board and Superintendent Ralph Walker for keeping a close eye on the corporation’s spending and budget while making needed repairs to the facilities and remaining dedicated to giving students a quality education.

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Concern builds over tariffs

Concern builds over tariffs What started as a rightful attempt to protect American steel and aluminum from cheap imports has transformed into a potential global trade war with chilling economic impacts for Indiana and beyond. How widespread are the disputes with co

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4-H makes Clinton County strong

It was all about the fair last week. The Clinton County & 4-H Fair is almost like Christmas here, what with the hundreds of youth competing for the coveted title of grand champion. Parents, siblings, friends and mentors come out in force to support 4-Hers throu

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Trump wrong but not a traitor

 Well, that was embarrassing. President Donald Trump stood next to the murdering dictator of Russia the other day and declared the United States had been “foolish” in its dealing with Moscow over decades but that we were changing our ways. Let̵

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Unsustainable federal spending threatens future

On Tuesday we discussed what we believe to be an unwise idea being considered by the Trump administration to borrow from the federal treasury to fund the Commodity Credit Corporation. The money would be used as a backstop for U.S. farmers in case commodity exports

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Trade war and bailout are counterproductive

The U.S. economy was ticking its way upward but the impact of Donald Trump’s trade wars could possibly stall that growth as investors hold onto their dollars until they see how the tariff dispute plays out.  As the Wall Street Journal opines, “(Tru

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