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Suicide becoming more common

It defies our assumptions when a celebrity deliberately kills his or herself. We look at these people who we think we know because we spend time with them or their products and assign meaning to whatever small part of our lives they occupy. Of course, we don’

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The National Guard's global mission

By Maj. Gen. Courtney P. Carr - Adjutant General of Indiana This month for the very first time a National Guard unit is leading a major U.S. Army exercise in the Pacific. The Indiana National Guard, 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team headquartered in Lawrence, is st

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Hits and Misses

This week we begin with a hit for all fathers and for those who have assumed the responsibility of being a dad to a child without one. Dads are a special breed. Still today, many fathers are tangled up in old gender roles - having to be the breadwinner, not given t

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Celebrate Parkview Home's 100 years

On Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m., Administrator Chris Overman and the staff at Parkview Home will celebrate the facility’s 100th year serving people in Clinton County. As Overman described the event, it will be a simple, informal get-together to commemorate Parkv

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What will be your legacy?

In The Times’ email in-box Monday morning was a letter sent to The Washington Post by Charles Krauthammer, the conservative columnist who was featured on this page almost weekly until 10 months ago when he fell ill and took time off to recover. Unfortunately,

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