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IDEM plan would hurt Hoosiers

Officials at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) want to stop publishing public notices in the newspaper. If they are allowed, the change will harm more than a million Hoosiers and set a dangerous precedent for other public agencies to follow.

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Immigration rhetoric on dangerous path

A recent White House meeting on sanctuary cities devolved when President Donald Trump suggested some undocumented immigrants are “animals.” The president’s comments were in response to a question about MS-13, a violent gang with origins in El Salv

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Hits and Misses

We have a hit this week for the project group that has chosen the design team of KJG Architecture and Zimmerman Architectural Studios for the proposed Frankfort Police Station. We feel the vetting of the design firm has been thorough, especially compared to the pro

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Wind farms can offset falling farm income

According to USA Today, “Nationwide net farm income has fallen by more than half since 2013 and it’s expected to drop another 6.7 percent this year.” This is bad for farmers and bad for Clinton County as we are a largely an agricultural community

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Left laners should learn the law

We call them “left laners.” They are the drivers on interstates and dual-lane highways who camp in the left lane, the one designed for those passing other vehicles. They may have a line of cars behind them but they stay left, even if miles of open road

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Writer ponders report's source

Writer ponders report’s source Two new reports from the “Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment” based at Purdue University were put out, not in Lafayette but Bloomington. What do you make of that? Mike Nichols Frankfort

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