About Frankfort Times

History of The Times (Frankfort, Ind.)


On a morning in August 1885, George Y. Fowler, riding atop a creaking, jolting farm wagon on which a press was loaded, came up the dusty road from Colfax.

Now, more than a century later, the publishing business he started in Frankfort is one of the city's most enduring. The newspaper is a survivor, having overcome at times incredible obstacles in its effort to serve.

A devastating fire on Nov. 14, 1975, robbed The Times of its building and contents.

The business would later experience a disastrous flood. In 1991, it fought through a great ice storm that knocked out power throughout the entire county. Some businesses and homes in Clinton County were without power for more than a week.

Remarkably, The Times never failed to publish - even for one day.

The original weekly Times was a six-column, eight-page newspaper, which evolved into a daily newspaper in 1894. It gained popularity and a new press was needed. Growth necessitated purchase of another new press two years later. More growth required a new building, and one was built in 1904 on East Clinton Street off Jackson Street.

In 1969, the Fowlers sold to Nixon Newspapers, Inc.

"Morning", was dropped from The Times' name in 1971 when it became an afternoon daily.

Four years after NNI bought the newspaper, a fire destroyed the building. Undeterred, The Times relied on its sister paper in Peru to print the paper while the company constructed a new office on the current site at 251 E. Clinton St. location.

In March of 2013, The Times sold its building on Clinton Street to the City of Frankfort and Clinton County to be repurposed as a new Ivy Tech campus. It is only appropriate that the site from which so much news information had been generated now -in its new educational capacity - will serve to generate more informed and skillful students.

Following the sale, The Times moved to its current location at 211 North Jackson Street, still within the heart of downtown Frankfort, the seat of Clinton County.

The Times today is owned by Paxton Media Group, based in Paducah, Ky. It is one of 39 newspapers in nine states the corporation owns.

Just as it did a century ago, the newspaper continues to play a vital community role. Publishing five days a week, Sunday and Tuesday through Friday, The Times is the number-one source of news for Clinton County.

The Times' mission is to serve as the community watchdog by accurately reporting the news that affects and reflects the concerns and values of Clinton County, and in doing so, earn our readers' trust as a reliable, credible and well-respected information source.