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Christian Matias, left, and Brian Chavez have received offers to play soccer professionally in Mexico.

Christian Matias and Brian Chavez both received offers to play soccer professionally after scouts evaluated them during a recent weeklong camp.

Both Matias and Chavez received offers by the end of the weeklong Clinton County Futbol Club Training Camp hosted by the Boys & Girls Club of Clinton County from March 30 to April 3, and they ultimately chose the one-year contracts from Chivas Alamos, a third-division professional team in Mexico City.

Matias and Chavez are both 2020 graduates of Frankfort High School.

“I am really excited,” Matias said. “It has been a lot to think about. It is a little overwhelming. I am really excited about this new experience regardless of how it goes. I am really ready to get this experience going.

“I am waiting on renewing my passport right now,” Matias added. “That is in progress. I am waiting for my COVID vaccine to leave the country. I am also working on double citizenship, so I can be a citizen of Mexico and the United States. After I get my vaccine, I have to wait two weeks. Once I am done with that, I am ready to go to Mexico as soon as possible.”

Matias learned about the camp from his father.

“My dad told me about the camp and everything,” Matias said. “He told me there was a possibility of scouts being there. That is what really caught my eye. I thought this was an opportunity.

“Once I heard about the offer, I had a roller coaster of emotions,” he added. “I teared up with my parents. I was really excited. It was really hard to keep my mouth shut.”

Chavez is equally excited about the opportunity to play professionally in Mexico.

“Honestly, it was very exciting. It was my dream to somehow become a professional soccer player,” he said. “It all happened so fast. But I was so excited, and I am looking forward to it.

“I will try my best,” Chavez added. “Since a young age I have been trying to improve my skills and to be a better player. I was really proud of myself, and I am looking forward to going and showing what I got.”

Matias was a defender during his years playing for the Hot Dogs while Chavez was a midfielder.

“I told them I play midfield, but we will see where they put me and what is my best position to play.”

Chavez says he has the full support of his family.

“They are 100 percent going to support me,” he said. “I am going to try my best, and hopefully I get a chance to show what I have got and next year go to second or first division.”

Having a former teammate there will help with the transition.

“We can help each other with anything, and we can be comfortable staying over there,” Chavez said. “We will help each other with anything that we need to improve.”

Matias and Chavez are not the only members of the Clinton County Futbol Club that will get a chance to play professionally in Mexico. Teammates Isrrael Santillan, Alex Michel, Miguel Cardenas, Ian Cruz and possibly two more members were offered tryouts after the camp.